Things to Know About Fine Art and Design

Usually, fine art and design are considered the same but actually both of them are quite different from each other. Though the main aim of the artist as well as designer is to create visuals by using their creative skills still they are entirely different due to various reasons. The information provided here under may help you to understand this difference.

What are fine arts and design?

A form of art, which is used mainly for improving the beauty and aesthetic value of something instead of affecting its practical usability, can be termed as a Fine Art. Works related to printing, sculpting, and painting, etc. come in the category of fine art.

A specification or plan used for constructing a system or object to be implemented in a process or activity can be known as Design. A specification or plan that can be used to make a product, process or prototype can also be termed as Design. The process of developing something also comes under the category of designing.

What are the 7 Fine Arts?

The 7 forms of fine arts include:

Architecture: A lot of aesthetics and creativity is required to create a building according to the time and space available

Sculpture: To create 3-dimensional figures a lot of creative skills are required so that they can be recognized for a long time.

Painting: This form of fine art has been used for long to display reality as well as the imaginative ideas of the artist.

Music: An artist can create amazing sounds by using his ability to play instruments.

Literature: This form of fine art helps in creating books and manuscripts by using words.

Dance: This fine art involves the dynamic movement of the body on musical beats to make enjoyable aesthetic expressions.

Theatre and cinema: Both of these forms of fine arts involve various types of skills including writing scenes and directions to interpret them through physical expressions.

Which university is best for fine art?

According to PCS, there are a number of universities, schools, and colleges that offer a variety of courses in the field of fine arts. You can choose the best one according to your requirements. Some of the institutions of fine art are listed here under for your consideration.

City College

A leading broadcasting college located in South Florida

Keiser University

It teaches skills of visual communication and computer design

Independence University

It prepares students to face communication challenges by planning, analyzing, and creating visual solutions.

ECPI University

It develops knowledge of graduates by offering a challenging course of study in logical information

Remington College

It provides training for working in the retail industries including restaurant, hospitality, and tourism

Berkeley College

It integrates the business and creative aspects of the fashion industry.

Loyola University of Chicago

It offers courses to students with a Bachelor’s degree to reading Latin and ancient Greek fluently.

Full Sail University

It enables its students to think beyond the conventional studios.

What are the subjects of fine arts?

In the first two years of the program of BFA, the focus remains mainly on the basics of fine arts like painting, drawing, and sculpting. In the third year of the program, you will have to concentrate on ceramics, along with other subjects of the degree program.